Laurian Popa was born in 1980 in Arad, where he lives and works. He is a Romanian visual artist, licensed in Painting at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timisoara, Prof. Constantin Flondor.


The combination of compositions, drawings and objects created by Laurian Popa, forms the image of a material figurative, a bold and not familiar. A figurative that rather translates into reality an object with an unusual identity, a processing of remnants of objects gathered and recomposed into another dimension. With an obsolete identity, broken from the usual context, the image of objects becomes an exercise of decryption, assimilation, recontextualization: a signal of the decadence of a “arranged” but real space.


In this newly created dimension, the meaning of objects becomes confused, strange, sometimes giving the impression of arranged images, well-ordered “installations” that are required to be painted, where the size of the objects is disproportionate, related to the actual size of the support. The attempt to observe the reality of an object, to “feel” the corporeality, to put it out of function and to place it in disfunction, is the way the artist intervenes, by which the object observed becomes another, in a new image.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Personal exhibitions, selection:

2021: Soft Objects – Kunsthalle Bega Box – Timisoara (Ro)

2019: Disfunctional Objects – Arkadia Shortfest – Corbu (R0)

2019: Dysfunctional – CAV ( Visual and Multimedia Arts Center) – Bucharest (Ro)

2016: Present Objects – Funnel Contemporary – Bucharest (Ro)

2016: Ogranic memories – MAG Contemporary Gallery – Como (It)

2015: After Run – Contemporary Art Gallery – Uj Kriterion – Miercurea-Ciuc (Ro)

2014: Space and objects for nothing  – Arad Art Museum -Arad (Ro)

2012: Closed Spaces – Machina-Rieti Gallery (It)

2011: The Black Sky – Gallery D’Anconabudis – Bucharest (Ro)

2010: Means among the clouds and traces – 0302020 Contemporary Art Space – Bucharest (Ro)



  • Group exhibitions, selection:

2022: SNAC 2022 – MNAC Bucharest (Ro)

2022: MAFA/Media Art Festival Arad – Wunderkammer – Museum of History – Arad (Ro)

2020: My Solo Grup Show 4 – Contemporary Drawing – CAV Gallery (Visual and Multimedia  Arts Center) – Bucharest (Ro)

2019: Post-System Geometries in Romanian Art Today – MARe/Museum of Recent Art – Bucharest (Ro)

2018: MAFA/Media Art Festival Arad – De Rerum Natura – Museum of Nature Sciences – Arad (Ro)

2017:  Internet of Ki – Kinema Ikon – Arad Art Museum;

             Broadly // Sketchbooks – Balamuc Area – Timişoara (Art Encounters independent guest room) (Ro)

2016: Dream hunters – Polish Cultural Institute – Budapest (Hu)

2015: MAFA /Media Art Festival Arad, R.E.M.X – Rapid Eye Movement // No matter how fast you are, there’s always someone quick – MNAC Bucharest

           Life or something like that – Molly Krom Gallery – New York (US)

2011: In the Middle of Things – Timco Halls – Calina Gallery – Timisoara / Art Museum – Cluj-Napoca (Ro)



  • 2019 Prize for Painting – awarded by the Union of Visual Artists from Romania