About This Project

Non-Objects,  3D animation 04:16″

The Non-objects animation is part of the Soft Objects installation exhibited in 2021 at Kunsthalle Bega Box Timisoara / Romania

Soft Objects is a syntagma which firstly appears antithetical. The solid bodies lose their shape and structure, they become malleable and yield under the effect of some actions whose sources are not clear. It is not obvious what that “something” determining the transformation of physical properties is, what these deforming forces are, yet the visual effect is evident: the objects are soft, deprived of any structure or function we normally associate them with. The inner geometry seems to be completely missing, it is replaced by a new organization which emphasizes the object’s exhaustion as a structure, texture and volume. We propose a different perception of the image whose reference becomes illogical and abstract yet it provides the object with a new anatomy. We have to deal with an association of functional and dysfunctional images shaping a fictional world in which the real object is decontextualized and associated with the „arranged” image of the visual compositions. This solo show uses the Kunsthalle Bega Box as a scenographic framework where the painting and experimental animation are complementary. The dystopian static natures connect the viewer to a visual dialogue making him overcome the perceptual blockage.