Dysfunctional Objects

About This Project

Dysfunctional Objects

3D Animation, 03:46′

Dysfunctional Objects is a 3D animation film that emphasizes the malfunction of objects around a simple material world. It is a presentation, a short of turntable of some toy remnants or physical objects. They were resumed, 3D modeled, decontextualized and presented in another image that makes up the composition of the film.


The sound is as demonstrative as the image. It offers two reception levels, the sound of the materiality of the object and the depth, the depth of the space.


The presentation of these objects is part of a larger series of works, which is called the gray floor. This series also decontextualizes objects and turns the attention to the involuntary idea of ​​gathering objects and scraps of objects, textiles, recomposing them in visual exercises that send you to the observation of obsessively gathering something. The image becomes a bizarre personalization, and perception often becomes chaotic, synthetic and even impersonal.